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Gruftschlampen – „Alp“ (2019)

New Release „Dead Generation – Geschichten aus der Gummizelle“ (12/2019)

Whoever appreciates a little madness and extravagance will enjoy the new album. „Dead Generation – Geschichten aus der Gummizelle“ is the first release since the „Raben EP“ (2013) and presents new recordings of the old songs and demos as well as three completely new tracks. The bizarre soundscapes and the sinister lamentations of Gruftschlampen speak for themselves and prove a maximum of artistic freedom and joy of playing. The choice of songs is as characteristic as it is multi-faceted. Stomping New Wave Beats and Metal Riffs here, a little unpolished Punk there and in between all sorts of eerily weird soundscapes come up into the ears of the audience. It’s for your bizarre delight.

Here is the download link:

Gruftschlampen – Befreie mich (2019)

Gruftschlampen – Bitterkeit (2019)

Marta Raya, Gruftschlampen und Dystopian Society @KvU

am 18.01.20 um 20:00 in der KvU, Storkower Str. 119, Berlin

Gruftschlampen – Brauner Sumpf (live 2018)